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Mobile Phones and the Stone Age

This video is part of a funny series of commercials where a smarter caveman helps others with mobile technology. And that makes me think. And When I start to think, I don’t know when, or where, I end up.

War began when a caveman took a stone and broke it on the head of another caveman. Also, techonology started when a caveman worked on a stone to make some useful tool for everyday life. Since the Stone Age, any invention made with every material could be used in two ways: the dangerous one and the helpful one. What I mean is that technology has always been full of risks and opportunities. Every new step in its development, in any field, brings some advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile phones are no exception. Today, life is based on communication more than in the past, so mobile phones are an essential tool not only on the job, but also in social relationships. Now we can talk to each other at any moment in any place – a big help in everyday life. On the other hand, mobile technology itself is making job much faster, reducing the time also when you are on holyday, and with time lenght, is reduced time quality too.

In the end, thanks to mobile phones, life is easier nowadays; but it is, probably, more stressful than in the past. There is no doubt, however, that now it is impossible to go backwards. It is our responsibility to find a proper way to use this technology: as said, it is a good tool as a stone during the Stone Age – we can use it to work, to feel closer to the people we love, or make it an improper weapon of mass distraction, to isolate ourselves from the outer world, to disturb others in public occasions, and so on.

Woah, this time it ended soon! 😛