Metropolitan Factory

From my first post in english language, on June 8, 2013:

«Friends, acquaintances, wanderers, welcome to my blog.

I’m studying english in order to get a certificate for my curriculum. I’ve already studied this language at school and, through the years, I’ve improved it by listening and reading music lyrics, books and videos on the internet. But, due to the lack of partners to talk with, I still have difficulties. Most of all, I think in italian and then translate to english, making many mistakes. So I decided to use this blog to make practice (on writing, of course).

Today starts a new category, “Metropolitan Factory”, where I’ll post only in english language. I’ll make exercises, such as writing formal and informal letters, compositions and articles; and, probably, translate some of the italian posts. Please forgive my mistakes! Any help is accepted.»

About this page – Now, in 2017, I’m going to try and write a lot more. And translate a lot more. So I created this page where the most important articles will be easily found by direct link. The category still exists, but not everything I’ll put in it will be displayed here (some videos without text, etc.); for the full list, check here. Some of the posts share both italian and english text, usually in this order.


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