Metropolitan Factory

Friends, acquaintances, wanderers, welcome to my blog.

I’m studying english in order to get a certificate for my curriculum. I’ve already studied this language at school and, through the years, I’ve improved it by listening and reading music lyrics, books and videos on the internet. But, due to the lack of partners to talk with, I still have difficulties. Most of all, I think in italian and then translate to english, making many mistakes. So I decided to use this blog to make practice (on writing, of course).

Today starts a new category, “Metropolitan Factory”, where I’ll post only in english language. I’ll make exercises, such as writing formal and informal letters, compositions and articles; and, probably, translate some of the italian posts. Please forgive my mistakes! Any help is accepted.

About me and my blog – I started to use internet in 2002, on a forum about mangas and comics. Then I tried to make a blog, which was an attempt to explain to myself who and what I was, at that time; after few years, I abandoned the blog. Eventually, the hosting site (Splinder) went off-line, just when I needed again a space for communication: so I made this new blog, not too personal, a sort of experiment for “structural production of thoughts”. I called it Metropolitan Factory due to recent philosophical interpretations that see the new factory in the metropolis: both in a negative sense, as a place of exploitation extended to every aspect of individual life; both positively, as a productive environment of life and creativity – hence of new historical and social subjectivities. Also, I love the aesthetic of industrial implants (as the steelworks seen in the movie Robocop) and of modern large cities, their way of life, their “worlds”.

I worship critical thinking and despise the arrogant ignorance of whom scorns culture as a useless egghead’s thing. In the same way, I despise the conceit of those know-it-all, that don’t know they know nothing. My ideas and ideals are radical, but the time of ideological fury has gone. Be my guests and, please, don’t be aggressive if you don’t like something here: just turn the page and forget me. Thank you.


Informazioni su GoatWolf

Sono alquanto riservato sulla mia vita, perché spesso le persone si lasciano influenzare da pregiudizi più o meno inconsapevoli sulla provenienza, l'età o il lavoro di qualcuno. Basta sapere che cerco di mantenere la mente aperta, mi piace il pensiero critico, detesto l'ignoranza arrogante e scrivo solo per passatempo, sulla filosofia, la storia, la politica, la musica, il cinema e i viaggi. Vedi tutti gli articoli di GoatWolf

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